Take Lynda Cromar’s List Advice!

This is exactly why I designed Blog This WOW to help you leverage social media to build your list – so you can build relationships!

If all you’re doing is posting on social media and not building a direct communication channel via email, you’re building your brand on rented land.

Remember, ‘Likes’ do not equate to leads! Getting love on your social posts doesn’t put dollars in your bank account.

Thanks Lynda 🙂

Take Lynda Cromar's List Advice!

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2 Replies to “Take Lynda Cromar’s List Advice!”

  1. Brilliant words of wisdom

    We just said that to our own tribe

    Social media is awesome for attracting attention, for sure….

    You can’t pay your rent with ‘Likes’ and ‘Follows’, let’s face it…

    …and until you get your followers onto your email list, you don’t ‘own’ that data – so you’re building your business on borrowed ground.

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