Never promote affiliate links without doing this!

The next time you broadcast to your list promoting an affiliate link, include a personalized video!

Remember, people make buying decisions based on recommendations and relationships.

And there’s no better way to build relationships online than with video.

Yes you’ll have to step outside your comfort zone! But people resonate with authenticity more than perfection (no one is perfect!)

In fact this video I did is a good example; I was interrupted by Bentley coming downstairs to pee (outside) but I kept going as you’ll hear.

You can be a one-take wonder as well. :-).

I guarantee you have a better chance of getting sales if you accompany that affiliate link with a video next time, than if you merely mail an affiliate link with some canned verbiage.

With EZ-Vlogger from Blog This WOW, you can publish videos to your blog from your phone in one click, to accompany that affiliate link. 🙂

Happy Sunday!


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