Behind every sale there’s this

A relationship that was FIRST built by delivering value, to create know, like and trust.

How do you deliver value? Through *consistent* content marketing. Videos work best.

Videos where you tell a story, explain something, teach, coach someone, demo a product – ANYTHING.

Don’t forget to accompany those videos with a call to action; tell people what you want them to do next!

Like subscribing to your list. That’s how you can start to build your list. The most important thing is to DO.

Finally, don’t make the critical mistake of doing all your content marketing and list building on social media.

Have your own website, where you control your content and list, not Mark Zuckerberg. He’s not paying your bills. 🙂

Content before commissions, relationships before riches. Always do it in that order, and getting orders will become the easy part.

Behind every sale there's this

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