DNS Settings for Blog This WOW

This assumes you already have a domain name you can use. If you don’t, register one here for about $9/year.

(Yes that’s an affiliate link – and your first lesson in how you can use your blog to generate affiliate commissions. 🙂 )

As shown in this video, remove all existing DNS records (for your NEW domain) and add the following two records:

A record
Host: @
TTL: Auto

… and:

CNAME record
Host: www
Value: [your domain name without the www]
TTL: Auto

That’s it!

NOTE: In the case of GoDaddy and other registrars, you may not be able to delete all existing DNS records. That’s okay; just remove the ones you can – again, for your NEW domain. Don’t delete any records for a domain you may already be using for a website!

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